Capitalization in Perfumery: Serge Lutens – Santal Majuscule Review

“The composition is centered around sandalwood and rose, with a dash of orange in the opening. There is a perceptible note of tonka bean which provides a healthy degree of sweetness, deterring the Australian santal from ever smelling like pencil shavings (a tinge found on this kind). Also, there is a cacao note that pulls together all the other ingredients, with a consistency far removed from chocolate…” READ MORE

Scent for Duty: Prada – Infusion d’Iris Cèdre Review

“There is a brand that stands out for producing entrancing, refined, and also suitable fragrances for professional environments, and that is Prada. Whether due to the development of its characteristic sophisticated bases of frankincense, benzoin, and woods, or its ongoing fascination with clean iris notes, the Italian brand has managed to build a solid reputation over the years. I turn to them for more than safe but refined scents, but if I had to pick one for work, it would certainly be one from Prada”… READ MORE

Edamame Note and Other Unintended Odors: Balenciaga – B. Balenciaga Skin Review

“I tend to look for something to appreciate in any perfume, so it is disappointing when I’m unable to discover at least an aspect to enjoy. Balenciaga is one of the greatest designer houses of all time and I have fondness for it. How could the same brand that gave us the impeccably tailored Le Dix, the gloriously cacophonous Rumba, and even the hi-tech, ghostly florals of Florabotanica and Rosabotanica, produce such an uninteresting, brash and disappointing thing as B. Balenciaga Skin?…” READ MORE

A Western Interpretation of an Eastern Theme: Aramis – Calligraphy Saffron Review

“Calligraphy Saffron was composed by Clement Gavarry as an oriental scent centered around saffron. Upon the first spray, it opens with an interesting note of marigold vaguely embellished with bergamot. The heart and base notes manifest from the very beginning. The saffron, rendered more leathery than anything else, is accompanied by a healthy dose of Turkish rose that sweetens the composition just enough to turn it into a pleasurable experience…” READ MORE


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